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Jonathan Schell L.Ac.



Chinese Medicine is a complete body of medicine based on the study of lines of energy in the body called “Meridians.” These meridians affect everything that our body does both consciously & unconsciously. When the meridians become out of balance or blocked they can cause all sorts of Dis-Ease's & Dis-Harmonies. Chinese Medicine predates all other known forms of Medicine today with the possible exception of Ayurveda. For most of China's history Acupuncture & it's various modalities was the only way to deal with major & minor disease.


The Modalities of Acupuncture are:


Acupuncture: The art of inserting small needles into specific points in the body, is used to strengthen and/ or weaken the meridians to bring the body and spirit into balance.


Chinese Herbs offer a subtler style of treatment where regular dosing in small amounts provides a gentle correction of the Meridians.


Tui-Na (Chinese Massage), can break up blockages and increase the flow of energy within the Meridians.


Cupping is used to remove pathogenic factors, and for deep tissue massage.


Moxibustion (a kind of heat therapy), is used for symptoms of cold in the Meridian, and for deficiencies in the body.


Qi Gong is a meditative practice that helps both the patient and the practitioner understand what has changed in the Meridians, and what form of treatment will be best therapy or combination of therapies for the patient. As the Meridians become more and more balanced, deeper and deeper levels of healing are allowed to occur.