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Jonathan Schell L.Ac.



My name is Jonathan Schell L.Ac, and I am the acupuncturist for Alethea Acupuncture. I have been in practice for fourteen years, and have treated a wide variety of cases everything from acute injuries to devastating chronic illness. I specialize in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and chronic disease.

My patients would describe me as intuitive, intense, and knowledgable. Some of the things patients have said about me in the past are:

"Jonathan is a gifted acupuncturist."

"Jonathan is AMAZING! True healer and acupuncturist-extraordinaire."

"The best treatment ever! saved my life!"

"Jonathan Schell is a master, especially when working with the "needle-squeemish", like myself. A friend of mine recommended him to me and I am very pleased to do the same to you. I can honestly say that I have never felt this good, never felt so much myself. I went in asking for help with anxiety and he has been a tremendous help. You'll need to set aside some time to complete the intake questionaire on the first visit- it is quite thorough, but needs to be, I think, in order for him to give the most appropriate treatment. This is nothing like western medicine. I'm not sure how it works, but I can say that it certainly has worked for me. If you're interested in acupuncture, please look into working with Jonathan. I have been very impressed and I hope you will be, too. (and, no, he didn't pay me to write this glowing review, either. I really am THAT impressed with his work!)"

"I am a doctor well versed in alternative treatments, and I have seen a fair number of acupuncturists over many years. I have seen Jonathan for over 10 months and he has help me overcome some long-standing health issues that no one else could figure out. Jonathan is quite frankly the best I have ever seen, and he is very adept at addressing complex and chronic health issues. He spends all the time that's necessary and you don't get the feeling that he is just rushing through it (as sometimes occur with many healthcare practitioners). I can unreservedly give him my highest recommendation."

"I've been seeing Jonathan for several months, working on a couple of chronic issues; each ailment has diminished remarkably. I have referred friends to his clinic, and they have given me positive feedback. His care is consistently personal; he takes time to explain the process and answer any questions. Jonathan is polite, thoughful, very intelligent, and easily shares his knowledge. Pros: the entire experience is beneficial Cons: none."

"Quite simply the most insightful and present practitioner I know. I, being in the Natural Health field, know many and have found few, many of whom I would never praise, whom I could turn to. Jon, I would say is a great teacher and friend. (this was written because of a a spontaneous disire to give him anonymous gratification and respect.)"

"clear, great energy... Dr. Schell brings the ability to look, listen, and feel for the underlying subtle source of the discomfort. He tends to find and treat the hidden problems as well as the obvious complaints. His focus is broad and his knowledge specific. Pros: Acupuncture and chinese medicine are his passion Cons: best if you are ready to receive the work"

My Story: When I was eight years old, my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. While I didnít fully comprehend what that meant at that time, it was obvious that it was a devastating blow to my mother, and that was concerning to me as a child. What child is not concerned about their parents? Western medicine, which my mother had been part of as a Nurse practitioner, did not offer her any hope. And then through a friend of a friend she was introduced to Hok Pang Tang. Hok Pang was an extraordinary man who had escaped from China during his twenties, and through many trials and tribulations eventually made it to Portland, Oregon. Hok Pang was an MD in China, but also an acupuncturist. Over ten years my mother went to Hok Pang for acupuncture several times per week, and during that time her MS slowly disappeared, until her MD told her that she must have been mis-diagnosed (he wouldnít give the credit to the acupuncture actually working).

This was a powerful event to live through and watch happen. It taught me that anything was possible, and that there were really people out there that could work miracles. Needless to say, that from the time of eight on, both my brother and I were taken to the acupuncturist (not the pediatrician) when we were sick. This led to many interactions and discussions with Hok Pang through the years about different subjects. Then when I was twenty-eight and almost cut my right hand off, I had my own chance to see the miracles acupuncture could do. After my healing experience, I decided that I should also pursue this career. Hok Pang tried to persuade me to study in China, but I had too much fear about living out of the country in a place that I didnít speak the language. Seeing the path that I am walking now, I should have listened to him. If you are curious about Hok Pang, or my motherís recovery from MS, they both have books telling their stories. Hok Pangís post-humous biography is called A Time of Ghosts published by Inkwater Press (978-1592994922). My motherís book is called Heal from the Heart: Odyssey through Nature, Soul and Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis published by Norma Schell (978-0971050709).

I have been studying and practicing meditation and martial arts such as Tai Qi, Ba Gua, and Shao Lin since 1998. These practices have taught me much about discipline, stillness, and inner guidance. These are all qualities that are advantageous to have when treating patients. In the last fourteen years I have taught myself to read medical Chinese, and now much of the medicine that I practice is inspired by the core texts which Chinese medicine is based on. This is the kind of material that isn't readily available to most Western practitioners, at any level unless they can read Chinese.

When you come, be prepared to work. I don't believe that treatment is a passive affair. You may need to take herbs, and you will get acupuncture, but I will expect that you will do your homework. As most of my patients find, doing your homework can lead to lasting health benefits.

In April 2019, I started another business dedicated to making tinctures out of herbal formulas. This brand is called Giant-Herbs & Tea. We make small batches of specialty toothpaste and hand crafted herbal tinctures to vitalize the mind, spirit, and body. In my opinion, the tinctures we are making are more efficacious than other forms of Chinese herbal medicine that I have prescribed over my years being a practitioner. I can not speak for all tinctures, but these are several steps above the average herbal tincture in my opinion... and I am not the only one saying that.

In August of 2018, I translated and published a book on epidemiology from the Han Dynasty written by noted author Zhang Zhongjing, with commentray by Cheng Wuji. This book is called Commentary On The Discussion of Cold Damage With Annotations. This 978 page book conveys a thorough understanding of the transmission of disease through the pathology of Cold which is one of the six pathogenic factors according to Chinese medicine. Zhang Zhongjing's text the Shang Han Lun, is notable, in that Zhang's main reason for compiling this exhaustive work was to share his experiences of how to treat epidemic disease. Zhang lamented in the introduction to his text, that over a period of ten years, he had watched his large family decline from 200 members down to only 75 members. All of these family members had died due to epidemics and pestilence. His rationale was that if more people knew how to treat these kinds of diseases, then no one else would have to suffer like his family had. In addition to Cheng Wuji's commentary on Zhang Zhongjing's lines, I have added annotations from a number of key texts to further elucidate the statements by these two great masters. These annotations come from the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, the Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu, Wang Bing's commentary on the Su Wen, the Lei Jing (a commentary on the Su Wen and the Ling Shu), Zhang Zhicong's commentaries on the Su Wen and Ling Shu, and numerous other Shang Han Lun commentators. This books has been produced in full color, where the color has been used to show the attributed and unattributed quotes which the commentators use to illustrate their points. This book also includes 52 illustrations, 35 of which were composed by Cheng Wuji and 17 which have been composed by Jonathan Schell. This book illustrates the pinnacle of classical thought, where the reader through the annotations can trace Cheng's thought process, and apply the canonical texts of Chinese medicine, as cited by Cheng, to the understanding of the Shang Han Lun.

In Janaury of 2018, I published my first novel which is loosely based on my understandings of Chinese medicine. This novel has been fermenting since I graduated from undergrad, and I wrote it while having my coffee made each morning. It offers a different perspective than is traditionally seen, about the spiritual path, and the very real dangers of walking this path, as the title would suggest. It is called: The Coiled Needle - Yin Water: True Stories of a Demonologist. You can buy it directly from Amazon. This tells 10 stories of about 85 that I have to tell about things which people don't normally talk about, and certainly don't talk about in medicine. I have already began the second book, and hope to have that one done soon as well. If you buy it, and enjoy it, Amazon reviews are always appreciated.


My other projects are: The Chinese Medicine Database and Giant-Herbs & Tea.