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Jonathan Schell L.Ac.



The way we see and interact with our world, forms our life, our TRUTH. Our behaviors, emotions, pattern and rituals; our very sense of reality is created out of our sense of truth.

Too often though, there are other truths that have been superimposed upon our truth. It could be our lover's truth, our parent or sibling's truth, our friends truth, our boss, our religion, the media, society or even the world's truth. All of the above have their own truth, and want us or attempts to force us to share it with them.

But, no one person's truth will ever be exactly the same as another person's truth. We bring our personal uniqueness to anything that we do. These other layers of truth which are not our own create discordance with in us, so much so, that we sometimes forget what our own truth is.

This is where I believe the disease process starts. The discordance placed upon us, creates Dis-Harmony with in us, which literally leads to Dis-Ease. Dis-Ease begins with small signs -- symptoms really, of what many people consider natural signs of aging.

A few examples of this would be:

  • Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Headaches & Dizziness
  • Vision Disorders
  • Hearing Disorders
  • Inflammation
  • Respiratory problems such as Asthma & Allergies
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Muscular & Joint Pain
  • Back & Knee Pain
  • Digestive Disturbances like Gas, Acid Regurgitation & Bloating
  • Urinary Problems such as Urgency, Frequent Urinary Tract Infections, & Incontinence
  • Menstrual Problems like Cramps, Clots, Heavy Bleeding, Mood Swings & Irritability
  • & Reproductive Disorders.

This is only a small list of the possibly affected systems. I believe these and other symptoms of Dis-Ease are directly related to how we interface with our personal truth. The ancient Greeks had a word for this: Alethea -- The Essential Truth, or in other words, the truth that surpasses all other truth, beliefs & values. I believe that deep inside we are all seeking the Alethea within us.